Christopher Anderson

Christopher Wayne Anderson was born in 1974 in Opp, Alabama to Arnold and Betty Anderson.  He grew up in a structured environment and his parents were dedicated to his upbringing.  Chris’ father is former military and once he got out they settled in Pensacola, Florida where Chris grew up.  Attending Tate High School in Cantonment, Florida Chris could easily excel at subjects he wanted to but got bored in subjects he felt didn’t achieve his agenda. 

Christopher was focused on making money at an early age.  He began cutting yards when he was 12 and continued to do so for some years.  He was very successful and had a strong work ethic instilled in him.  Chris knew he wasn’t going to attend college early on because the focus was making money and not spending it.  His first real opportunity came at Gulf Power, part of Southern Company out of Atlanta, where he began in sales and met the right people to mentor him and help him move within the company.  Chris experienced all the departments in the company as part of the executive training program.  After achieving success in Southern Company Chris moved on to Equifax where he was a Vice President but left to help create something for himself. 

Partnering with a programmer, they developed a software to help maximize air time traffic for radio stations.  This led to the creation of a new company which led to the creation of another company named Clear Channel.  The mission was to be the biggest radio conglomerate in the United States and within 24 months Chris and his peers grew their ownership to 1200 radio stations across the U.S.  Chris led teams of people across the U.S. blazing a new trail and new training in an industry that was changed forever by the actions he implemented.  The industry to this day was forever changed by Chris and his peers.

Once Bain & Company took over in a sell of Clear Channel, Chris set off to more new adventures, some of which are still in existence today.  Chris partnered with several companies in the midst of deregulation of phone services.  An industry very familiar to Chris as his father became part of MCI after leaving the military.  Knowing the loose ends of the industry and seeing opportunity, he partnered with Talk America and Z-Tel.  They offered unlimited long distance and local phone services for one set price.  Seeing the money available as well as the residual deal in front of him, Chris jumped on it and built a customer base across the U.S. providing quite a steady residual income every month.  He carried these skills into several residual opportunities and was presented with cars, money and trips as part of his building these companies and selling off his customer bases.

Chris also diversified into the military and government workspace and built a multi-million dollar consulting company named Quattro Consulting LLC.  Originally started as C W Anderson Consulting, the name was merged with his business partner Matthew Green.  Together they have continued to build and maintain relationships in multiple spaces.  They have built relationships with Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, U.S. Army, Navy and the Pentagon along with dozens of smaller companies within the military and government space.

And now their most recent effort is the creation of Backroads Sports Network.  A natural path based on Chris’ past performance with Clear Channel.  This time the effort is to build 500 radio stations and simulcast a sports broadcast that appeals to the people of a region of the United States and compete against ESPN, FOX and CBS Sports.  The work effort that has been necessary to create this venture has been the exact same effort that helped Chris become successful in all previous efforts.  His vision is unmatched and undeniable.  Chris does not sleep until the job is done.  And he wants it all. 

Most recently a devastating storm hit the Gulf Coast of Florida called Hurricane Michael.  Immediately Chris jumped into action and knew he had airwaves on his side to promote and keep people informed.  The day after the storm, Chris formed Heartbeat of Backroads, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization where a 100% of the donations go to the survivors relief efforts.  In a 30-day period, this amazing organization has raised over 3 Million in supplies to the effected area.  Chris worked day and night literally to ensure people were helped when need was the greatest.

From his early days cutting grass to his latest efforts, no one can question Chris’ heart, his work ethic nor his vision and abilities.  Chris knows the importance of surrounding himself with people who have the same work ethic and mindset.  He has the ability to read people and their motives and bring out the best in them in any situation.  Chris surrounds himself with people smarter than himself and knowing how to work their abilities to their maximum.  Once the vision is born, Chris only knows one direction – the top and the best in the industry.

Vice President

Matthew Green

Matthew Gerard Green born and raised in Barnstable, Massachusetts also commonly known as Cape Cod.  Matt grew up with a brother 15 months older along with his parents Dan and Nancy Green.  Matt learned a strong work ethic instilled by his parents from a very early age.  Matt’s Mom, Nancy, worked as a Registered Nurse in both Cape Cod, Massachusetts as well as the highly renowned Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. 

School work came easy to Matt as he especially excelled in math and science.  He also grew in interest in entrepreneurship from an early age. Little did he know it, he would often find ways to generate money by charging his older brother for household items he wanted done.  This would eventually lead to Matt starting a side gig in Video Production while in high school.  Matt excelled as a soccer player at an early age and eventually would add hockey, lacrosse, and crew into the mix.  While playing sports consistently during the school year from middle school through high school, as well as having side jobs in high school at the local sports store, Matt was able to stay on the honor roll.  As Matt was always pushing for the next level, he would take Chemistry at the local Community College going into his Junior Year of high school in order to be able to take both Physics and Astronomy during his Junior and Senior year.  The world had so much to offer that Matt couldn’t wait to get started in life – so much so that he started looking into potential colleges during his sophomore year in high school.

Graduating from high school as part of the Honor’s Society, Matt went on to enroll at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina.  As math and science were Matt’s strongest areas, he decided to enroll in the Engineering program, specifically, Mechanical Engineering.  As the year went on and more was understood about the Engineering world, it was discovered that it was not the right fit for Matt.  He changed his major to Business with a focus in Marketing since his true underlying passion had always naturally been in business.  During his time at Clemson, Matt would join the Sigma Chi Fraternity, do stand-up comedy at a local bar/restaurant, and complete a Co-op at Robert Bosch Corporation, and attend many many Clemson football games!  Matt was ready for what the world had to offer next as he accepted a position with Capgemini Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia.

During Matt’s time in Atlanta, Georgia, Matt learned the industry of IT Consulting on large scale project implementations.  Matt spent two and a half years with Capgemini on telecommunications projects in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Boston, Massachusetts.  After his time here, he was recruited by Accenture Federal Services to become a Federal Consultant on one of their many projects with needs in experienced IT Consultant resources.  Matt would eventually land at an Army project utilizing his system skills, learned at Robert Bosch Corporation, in a product called SAP.  His functional knowledge in this software allowed him to make a name for himself in the Army as well as Accenture by quickly taking on responsibilities as a site lead directing several resources as well as an eventual promotion to Manager.  Matt was able to see the world with the Army with deployments based in Texas, Virginia, Hawaii, and Germany.  During his time supporting the Army with Accenture is also where he met current business partner, Christopher Anderson.  Chris and Matt frequently discussed starting multiple businesses together as they had common interests and goals.

Matt’s thirst for knowledge and bettering himself let to him starting his own consulting company, TMG Solutions LLC where he was immediately able to secure his own position with his newly formed company.  TMG Solutions LLC was profitable and doing well over the next year.  As Chris and Matt kept in touch over the year, it was evident both of their independent businesses should work together as one since there were many opportunities on the table.  With that, Quattro Consulting LLC was started in July 2014.  Quattro ( has been able to position themselves as a “go to” small business with expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (SAP/Oracle/Peoplesoft) systems.  Quattro has been thriving and profitable during this time and continues to do so.  Matt handles the Federal business out of Washington, D.C. where he resides with his two children.  As time went on, Matt and Chris always looked to new opportunities and this time what better than an opportunity in the sports radio industry.  Chris had previous experience with helping Clear Channel expand and was already very familiar with the industry. Matt, always up for a challenge, decided to investigate the opportunity more to ensure it was a viable business offering with upside and expansion.  As the analysis went on, it appear to be a good fit for both Matt and Chris to get involved with.  With that, The Backroads Sports Network, LLC was formed.  Chris serves as the President residing over all front end operations in running and expanding the business while Matt serves as Vice President and assists with backend operations/finances when not dealing with the Federal business, Quattro, which is currently run by Matt on a full time basis for the time being.