The Flash

The Flash is a jack-of-all trades and a master of one: Fantasy Football. Having won multiple championships with Jay Cutler as his quarterback, The Flash has an uncanny ability to go where no man has gone before. He obsesses over the week to week elements of playing fantasy sports and uniquely blends commentary of real world sports with fictional ones. His passion seeps through the airwaves to each individual listener as he aims to entertain everyone who tunes into his show.

The Flash’s lack of athleticism has allowed him focus on what really matters- being good at fake sports. His commitment to playing fantasy sports year round allows him multiple opportunities to brag about winning championships and taking other peoples’ money who are unfortunate enough to play against him. Although he possesses few deficiencies, The Flash does acknowledge that talking about fantasy sports at the dinner table, work, and during weddings is oftentimes inappropriate.  He currently resides atop the Green Bay Packers’ depth chart for fandom while residing atop the depth chart in the hearts and minds of his listeners.

He is currently seeking professional help to curb his fixation with fantasy sports but until he gets treated, he will continue to entertain his fans with sound advice, poor attempts at humor, and unparalleled enthusiasm.